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Team Living Water (Dave and Seth)

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Dave Traube & Seth Sharp


We started running recreationally and competively during the late spring/early summer of 2012. We both found ourselves in transtional times in our lives and faced with multiple life obsticles. We found running to be a good outlet to challenge and navigate them. We spent alot of time together that summer running countless miles and training for races. During our time together we would talk about what God was teaching us in our lives and encourage one another to walk in accordance to the Gospel we are called to, it was also a great way to just get out and use our bodies and enjoy God's creation. Since that summer, running has become a joy and norm in our everyday lives. We had talked about running a marathon a long time ago after running our first half-marathon, and finally decided to commit to it this winter. In the process of deciding which one to run, Pittsburgh, we felt like it would be great if we could run for a cause and run with a purpose other than just to finish the race and accomplish our personal goals. 

We decided to run for Living Water International, because we feel passionatley about the command to take care of the widows, orphans, and least of these. Jesus did say that what we do to the least of these we do unto him (Matt 25). We want to be faithful to that call and provide support for those in immense suffering due to the lack of clean water. Water is a main neccesity of life, if not the biggest neccesity to survival and functioning in daily life. Without clean water to drink, our bodies suffer drastic consequences and eventually shut down. As runners, we consume large amounts of water and is beyond necessary to sustain us while we run. We can't imagine going several days without water or trying to drink from a dirty and bacteria infested water source, while trying to run or let alone trying to do anything. We don't imagine that anyone else wants to do that either. 

We strongly feel that in providing clean water serves as a prevenitive measure more so than a proactive one. 783 Million people lack access to and improved source of clean drinking water. Lack of clean water causes many medical problems, Water-related diseases cause 2.2 million deaths a year; every day, diarrhea takes the lives of 2,000 children in Africa—more than any other single cause of death. Safe water, a toilet, and clean hands could prevent 90% of these deaths, it also prevents children from being able to recieve an education. Globally, water-related diseases steal 443 million school days a year. Roundworm, whipworm, and hookworm stunt growth, cause debilitating anemia, and follow kids into the classroom, shrinking cognitive potential. Illness causes absenteeism and early drop-out. Also, if a child has to walk 3 or 4 miles to a well or water source that also takes away time from them being able attend school. Education provides children with opportunities to read, gain employment, and also learn about prevenitive measures against HIV and other diseases. It also allows parents to spend more time with their children as well as extends their life, to prevent the prominence of widows and orphaned children. 

These are just a few reasons, learn and read more at

We decided to go with an Living international orgnization rather than a state side organization for two reasons. Most people already donate or fundraise for local charities and we feel that this strongly helps further the great commission to make disciples among all nations. We desire to give the water in Jesus' name in hopes that it will help create sustainable communities for churches to be planted, make disciples, and see God's kindgom come. Living Water drills clean water wells to provide those without clean water sources with a local and reliable source of clean water. It is our hope to help raise support, educate, and help and supply the resources to drill a new well for a new community by running and this fundraiser.

We deeply love our brothers and sisters internationaly and appreciate them greatly as well as the ones working dilligently to serve them and further the gospel, and hope that you do too and would feel compelled to contribute to our cause. We ask that you would help us three ways. First, please pray for us, that we would run well and stay injury free for the race and throughout our training and also, that we could also have meaningful conversations and build relationships with others as a result of our endeavour. We could also really use your support and partnership by helping spread our cause via facebook, twitter or word of mouth to your friends, family, church and co-workers. Lastly we ask that you would consider giving to our cause in helping provide water for those without it. We our hoping to raise atleast $500 and would love to exceed that. We pray and hope that we do. Water is truly a necessity to live and function and ask that you would provide others with the opportunity to drink and live, all in Jesus' name. We truly appreciate all of your prayers, support and donations, Thank You. 

Grace & Peace to you,

Dave Traube & Seth Sharp


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