Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon



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Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo
Team DDB Nashville - Country Music Marathon Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Apr 26, 2015

Attention Dog Loving Runners!

We're asking our DDB Nashville, TN team members and supporters who are running in the Country Music Marathon (full, half or 5k) to help us raise money so we can help even more dogs get off their chains in 2015! The Country Music Marathon is taking place in Nashville, TN on April 25, 2015.


What does Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville do?

DDB Nashville and our volunteers are passionate about working toward unchaining every dog in our city. While that may not seem realistic to most, we will not rest until there is no more long-term tethering of dogs in Middle Tennessee! 


Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville was instrumental in working with Metro Councelwoman Karen Bennett to author and deliver the newly passed ordinance (March 3, 2015) that now sets forth guidelines and laws for safer tethering of Nashville's dogs. With the tremendous support of the community, Nashville is now setting the example for our neighboring communities to bring similar laws into their counties. 


Community Outreach & Education

In addition to working with lawmakers, Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville also works hands-on within the community to assist and educate dog owners on how to provide their dogs with a better care and a better quality of life. We take a compassionate approach to dog owners who keep their pets outside, tethered or confined in small pens. We work with them to provide proper vet care, spay/neuter, flea/tick/heartworm preventative, treatment for dogs who test positive for heartworms, shelter (dog houses), flea dips/baths, ear cleaning, dog food and so much more.


Fence Building Projects

By assisting the families of these chained/penned dogs, Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville is maintaining an open line of communication that allows us to work with the owners to remove their dogs from the chain. Most of these dog owners rent their homes and are not permitted to have indoor dogs. The next best thing is a fenced in yard. Once an owner agrees to have their dogs spayed and neutered, they become eligible for a fence. Resources for building fences is limited, so DDB has a long waiting list. With more funds and more volunteers, we could build more fences to get more dogs their freedom from the chain!

Hay Day (and Supply delivery)

During the cold weather season, Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville volunteers go out at least once per month to deliver straw, dog houses, dog jackets, dog food, and other needed supplies to help dogs stay warm and dry during the winter months.


Continued Support

Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville does not build a fence and then move on. We continue to stay in touch with dog owners to make sure that the dogs needs are continuing to be met. Our team stays in contact via phone and by making follow up welfare check-up visits. We will assist with vetting, food, supplies, fixing fence issues and more to continue to ensure that the dogs are staying healthy, happy and chain-free!  


The Economics of it All

As one can well imagine, all of the valued services that Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville provides to the chained dogs of our community does not come without a price. In addition to our valuable volunteers, we need the community's help in funding these programs. Here is a look at some of the numbers...


  • Fence Builds - In 2014, DDB Nasvhille built 10 fences, resulting in a total of 18 dogs receiving freedom from their chains/pens. So, far in 2015, we've already built 4 fences, repaired 1 fence and freed 6 dogs from their chains. The average cost per fence is $500. In 2015, we are projecting to build 18 fences for an approximate budget needed of $9,000.
  • Vetting - In 2014, DDB Nashville spay and neutered more than 30 dogs and provided maintenance vet care to more than 50 dogs. Complete vetting of a dog costs $260. This includes spay/neuter, rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations, heartworm test, soresto collar (for flea and tick prevention) and heartworm preventatives. 90% of the dogs we have tested for heartworms that have never been on preventatives test positive. We pay to get these dogs treated, which costs between $300-600 depending on severity of heartworm infestation and the size and overall health of the dog. The average annual costs for continued health maintenance (vaccinations, heartworm test, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives) is $225The projections for 2015 has DDB Nashville expecting to completely vet 50 dogs, provide maintenance vetting to 75 dogs and treat 35-40 dogs for heartworm. Total project vet care expenses for 2015 is $47,875. 
  • Owner Surrenders - When owners opt to surrender their dogs to rescue, we work to find a foster, adopter or rescue partner to take the dog into their program. Most of these dogs lack socialization and house training, and require DDB Nashville to send these dogs to a trainer. Even with our rescue discount, this training can cost an average of $300-500. In 2014, we had 20+ owner surrenders. 8 of those dogs required time with a trainer. In 2015, we anticipate at least 15 dogs will require professional training for a projected annual expense of $6,000
  • Dog Houses and Miscellaneous Supplies - Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville depends on the donations of money and gently used items. These items include dogs houses (up to $150 each), dog jackets (up to $35 each), dog food, dog toys (helps break up the monotony of a day in the life of a chained dog), food and water bowls, straw, collars, leashes, tie out cables, etc. DDB Nashville's miscellaneous supply expenses in 2015 are projected to be at least $15,000


If you would like to learn more about Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville, TN and find out how you can become a volunteer, sponsor or advocate, Like us on Facebook. You can also follow us on Twitter & Instagram (@DDBNashville)