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Team Ohana - Tread for Taiji Virtual Race 2017

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BENEFITING: Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, Inc.


EVENT: 2017 Dolphin Project Virtual Race

EVENT DATE: Aug 12, 2017

Kirsten Ramirez


Brandi Foster wrote -

Dolphin project is hosting it's second annual virtual race to raise awareness about the Taiji dolphin slaughters and to dolphin captivity. It is there mission and ours to end dolphin captivity in aquariums and sea parks all over the world and to put a stop the to the dolphin hunts that supply dolphins to these facilities. Every year in Taiji boats set out onto the ocean and drive pods of dolphins back to a small cove. There, the ones deemed pretty enough are selected and sold to sea life parks and aquariums. With little to no chance for escape the rest of the pod is then slaughtered, there in the cove, for their meat. Dolphin meat is toxic, it is unhealthy and should not be consumed yet, the remaining pod members are slaughtered and their meat sold. Please help us to raise funds to continue our mission to end dolphin captivity and the fight to stop the Taiji drive. 

This year's event will take place on August 12.  Suggested run/walk distance: 5k  Suggested swim distance: 1500m   Suggested biking distance: 15 miles  

Last year we raised $345.00 this year let's aim higher!! Thank you.


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44% Raised of$400 Goal

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