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We Know BALLS & Your Fundraiser or Donation can Help us SAVE LIVES!!!

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We Know BALLS and Your SUPPORT can help us SAVE LiVES!!!

At the Testicular Cancer Society, we believe that no one should die of testicular cancer. We help create future survivors that thrive by focusing on the cure and the burden of the cured. We accomplish this by creating a culture of self-examination, by supporting research, by navigating and by providing community for those affected.all in order to create the most successful of outcomes across the entire continuum of the disease.

We work to simultaneously improve awareness, access and quality of care. Our outreach programs and mobile application facilitate early diagnosis by promoting a culture of self-examination and guidance for early detection and treatment. We operate the world’s largest forums on testicular cancer and combined with our omni-channel social media and web presence allows us to navigate, create community and nurture not just the one diagnosed but those around him. 

As survivors ourselves, we continue to explore ways to further disrupt the continuum of testicular cancer, from those healthy and unaware, to symptomatic and scared, to diagnosed, to treatments and beyond, in order to create survivors that thrive during their many years of life after cancer.