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Taylor Starr Foundation for Children Inc

The Taylorr Starr Foundation For Children supports the “Healthy & Smart” ethos of the Supa Dupa Babee Curriculum and Stage Tour for building healthy character and self esteem for children and youth across the nation.

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Empowering children and youth nationwide and worldwide to SAY NO to violence,drugs and bullying is  the mission of the Taylorr Starr Foundation For Children, Inc.  This will be accomplished through the award-winning Supa Dupa Babee and Friends 'hands on' learning curriculum that builds character and self esteem with students emulating the friendship characteristics and leadership of their friends Supa Dupa Babee, Tippi Turtle 'the Wiser One'; Baetsey Bear, Giffy Giraffe, and Fawnee.  The curriculum through edutainment offers music, songs, adventurous stories where students will actively engage in discussions on their level about the perils and dangers of illegal drugs.  Learning reinforcement to shun drugs and violence, embrace success.  Supa Dupa and Friends are a winning team and as protective role models teach kids to be WINNERS.

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