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Syrian American Medical Society

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            Join Annie Zboray to help protect medical personal and patients in Aleppo City. 

After watching brave Doctor Samer Attar describe the inhumane acts of violence taking place in Syrian hospitals, I knew I must take action. This amazing organization is one I hold extremely close to my heart and there is no small donation, as every penny goes a long way. 

CrowdRise Disaster Relief wrote -

“We are exhausted, and there are not many of us left, but we continue our 20-hour shifts. What is most heartbreaking is when we have to choose which patients to save because there aren’t enough doctors to treat everyone. Our hospitals, though they are the targets of bombs, still overflow with the sick and injured.” – Dr. Abo El Ezz, SAMS Aleppo Coordinator

Since early April 2016, a large-scale aerial bombardment campaign has been taking place over eastern Aleppo City, trapping men, women, and children within the besieged city. Schools, markets, and hospitals continue to be targeted.

The humanitarian crisis, already unmatched in its scale, is at a critical moment. The situation in Aleppo is an emergency that must be met with urgent action from the international community and the U.S. government.

As of October 2016, only five hospitals remain operational in besieged Aleppo to care for a population of 300,000 civilians, including more than 85,000 children. There remain only 29 doctors to treat the overwhelming number of wounded. Since the collapse of the ceasefire in September, over 1,700 airstrikes killed more than 550 people and wounded over 1,500, many of them children. SAMS’s largest trauma hospital was targeted five times in one week, forcing it to close. Physicians for Human Rights has documented 382 attacks on medical facilities that have killed 757 medical personnel since the start of the conflict in 2011.

“Aleppo, a city that once used to be vibrant with its rich history and culture, has become a ghost city. What we are witnessing is the complete demolition of the basic necessities of life,” -SAMS’s Abu Rajab, Cardiologist, Aleppo

In an effort to provide both medical personnel and patients with needed security and safety, and through its Fund, SAMS is asking for your generous support to raise funds to move one of the few remaining and vulnerable main hospitals in eastern Aleppo to an underground safe location, and support our brave medics who are risking their lives to save others. The project will start immediately, but we need your generous help to finish the project in a timely manner.

“This is Aleppo. We don’t have time to be scared. We are being crushed like bugs daily, and the world has abandoned us.” – SAMS’s Nurse, Aleppo

Please rush your generous donations for this urgent and critical project. Medical facilities are being targeted daily, and we can not afford to lose more talented and heroic healthcare providers in Aleppo. Our doctors and nurses work tirelessly and selflessly to save lives, it is our duty to keep them safe and sound.

“The only neurosurgeon left in Aleppo performed a brain surgery on a patient to stop the bleeding and the pressure. He opened the man’s skull on the floor without anesthetics.” -SAMS’s Abu Rajab,  Cardiologist, Aleppo

Help us save lives and support medics in Aleppo. Donate Today for a brighter and safer tomorrow in Aleppo.



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