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Sri Vidya Temple Society

The Sri Rajarajeswari Peetam is a Temple dedicated to Divine Mother Rajarajeswari. Sri Chaitanyananda (Aiya), the Temple founder and Peetadhipati, has explained that the Temple is a “Sakti Pradhana Sivalayam,” meaning that the divine energies of both Siva and Sakti are present, but the Sakti, or Mother, principle is the foremost aspect of Divinity here.

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Our Temple exists because of the kindness and generosity of our donors, who have been inspired by Sri Rajarajeswari to support Her Temple. In giving to any noble cause, we benefit others while benefiting ourselves. Sri Devi always showers Her most loving blessings on those who give selflessly for the benefit of all.

We are run completely by volunteers and have no paid priests or employees, we keep our expenses low so that your donation will go as far as possible.

As the Sri Vidya Temple is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in New York, all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Our Federal Tax ID# is 16-1489956. For more information on the deductibility of your gift, please consult your tax professional.

We are currently raising funds for :

1)A Temple to Last One Thousand Years , Construction of a traditional Agamic Temple, complete with granite Rajagopuram.

The new Temple is expected to be 220 ft by 120 ft and will be supported by 28 granite pillars, with each pillar sculpted as an exquisite piece of art. The Temple will be built according to the Kashyapa Shilpa Shastra. The Agama Shastras describe how to build a traditional Temple, outlining specific dimensions and architectural details, as well as the benefits.


2)  Pooja Items ( Milk, fruits, flowers etc) : These are used for pooja purposes only.

3) Annadanam : Temple  offers maha prasadam to all the devotees twice a day, every day of the year.

4) Live telecast : All events are  telecasted live on  internet.there are several  recordings of the various pooja and events that you can view on this link :  https://livestream.com/accounts/3812069/svts

5)  Education / Teaching  By SVTS  :  As a “Learning Temple,” we offer various classes and workshops on various topics related to Sanskrit, bhajans, Sri Vidya, the Tamil Saiva tradition, and Sanatana Dharma in general.

With out taking "any fee" / Any cost  SVTS imparts knowledge and helps the seeker to learn . Some of them learnings imparted are :  Sri Rduram,  Devi Mahatyam, Sri vidya upasana, Navarnna Puja, Puja for Beginners, Khadgamala, Sri Lalitha Sahasranama,Sounds of Sanskrit .

Mode of  Teaching :  In-person at temple premises and also online (webex).


5.1) Bala vidya classes: The Sri Vidya Temple holds “Bala Vidya” classes for children of age 5-12, so that kids can learn about our cultural, spiritual and religious traditions


6) CAMPS  at SVTS premises

6.1) Kids Summer camp : Every summer, SVTS conducts an overnight youth program on the Temple premises for kids aged 10 to 18. The program is known as “Vibhuti Saivaite Immersion,” or “VSI,” because we strive to immerse the kids in the rich traditions of Saiva culture. As our Temple is a “Learning Temple,” it’s an ideal place for kids to get involved and truly experience the wealth of Saiva philosophy and worship.


6.2) Youth Summer and winster camps :Several times a year, the Sri Vidya Temple conducts “Youth Learning Sessions” (YLS) for youth aged 13 to 26. The sessions, which are held over a weekend or the week-long Winter Break, include a mix of classes and seva opportunities, along with participation in regular Temple pujas and activities.


6.3) Parents camp along with kids camp

7) SVTS library :  SVTS has more than 10,000  books with scientific information on various topics. Any visitor to the temple can get free access to this treasure of knowledge.

7.1) E-books :  There is constatnt effor to convert the books into format which is easily available onlione, E-books initiative is undertaken to convert many of the popular books into E-books.   https://payhip.com/svts  has all e-books where one can purchase online and download the e-book.

8) Maintenance and upkeep of the Temple.

Temple Address :


Sri Vidya Temple Society

6980 East River RdRush, NY 14543