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Sustainable Economic And Educational Development Society

We are the SEEDS of Change

https://seedsnet.org Tax ID 74-2723080


What is the problem we are trying to address currently?

Supporting those who have fallen through the cracks, the migrant workers displaced and trapped, and the invisible not touched by the normal relief agencies, or Govt., during the current pandemic.

What is our solution?

1) Create a network of lead volunteers from civil society and many disparate NGO/orgs to create a more impactful and cohesive strategy on relief and rehab. 2) We map out the needs of villages and towns in multiple districts, and utilize social media for monitoring, tracking, coordinating, communicating, and documentation. 3) We purposefully create a sense of shared ownership, belonging, and responsibility. 4) Provide efficiency by effective deployment of knowledge and the limited resources. 5) Most of our primary leaders are highly respected professionals and “ngo” is not their business and hence they bring a certain freshness to the approaches we take.

Why should someone donate to our organization?

Sustainable Economic and Educational Society (SEEDS) has worked in USA and India for over 26 years with distinction as catalysts of change. Careful thought, transparency, and near-zero overhead underscore our approach. Visit www.seedsnet.org for our many projects and accomplishments.  We are currently raising funds for our ~50 volunteers to help the neediest among several villages and towns in Odisha during this horrific pandemic/COVID19. They provide provisions, meds, protective items, and moral support!  Our philosophy:

a. SEEDS is a non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit

organization dedicated to promote educational and economic progress

and development of the very needy in the State of Orissa, India and

other parts of the world in general.

b. The group aspires to financially and technically support development

that is SUSTAINABLE (long-term, self-supporting, and environmentally

non-predatory), NON-VIOLENT (without brute force), DEMOCRATIC,

EQUITABLE (fair and just, more for the needy) and DE-CENTRALIZED (not

imposed from above, grass-roots, and local/native solutions).

c. The group, in spirit, supports development and education that

fosters awareness about rights and responsibilities among the people

it seeks to help as well as among its own members. Thus, we emphasize

"a participatory consciousness for sustainable and equitable


What is your goal?

We would like to raise upwards of Rs. 10 lakhs. You can see the impacts we have already made via our contributions and any aid from our friends, families, and partner organizations at this link: Click for details on our Volunteering and Relief

How will you utilize the funds?

It will be used to support the efforts we have described including the relief materials, medical items, transportation, rations & food, and training.