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February 12, 2016

Please help suri kids in omo valley Ethiopia  Suri Children are the potential hope of Ethiopia. Educating, guiding and proper care of them is  See more
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Support suri kids in omo Valley ETHIOPIA To whom may concern Greeting from suri omo valley Ethiopia & I volunteers my self by Supporting kids ,suri they are the tribe relocate in south-western Ethiopian near to the border of south sudan & Kenya therefore suri they are pastorals community and their economic is best on cattle were it’s very critical for their little kids to access education few year ago there was non suri was educator but now a day few suri are part who had knowledge but in suri area there is thousand of kids who miss education were in the area there is no any NGO Which can capable to sponsor kids? The Suri live in a remote, inaccessible part of Bench maji zone (county) Their present habitat lies between 5°10′ and 6°00 N and 35°20′ and 34°10′ Average temperatures in the lowlands are about 33° C in the dry season (October to April) and about 25° C in the rainy season (April to late September), with only minor cooling off during the nights. E however suri kids they need support from you, from the world. Suri Children are the potential hope of Ethiopia. Educating, guiding and proper care of them is investing on the future development of the country. The Suri, a non literate group, have no written history, but they do have an oral tradition that contains many historical referents were in their area kids don’t have support to access education ,therefore suri they are pastoral community & can’t conceder their kid to accesses Education but recently suri they became part of the world to send their kid to school, then in the area there is no Non Organization to support kids indeed government were only conceder adult to run to school ,then kid they are still back ward .even kids they are part of facing poverty . Poverty in Suri childhood is a root cause of poverty in adulthood. Impoverished children often grow up to be impoverished parents who in turn bring up their own children in poverty. In order to break the generational cycle, poverty reduction must begin with children. In order to break this poverty cycle Suri Kids first support Education, focusing on the following thematic  Educational support Problem Statement Enduring childhood in Suri omo valley Ethiopia is difficult enough with a family to care for them, with one out of five children dying before age five. After losing their parents, the plight of an orphan in Ethiopia is one of hopelessness. Life expectancy in Ethiopia is just 46 years of age. It’s a country composed mostly of children in that 52% of its population is under the age of 18, and over a quarter of those are under five years old. It’s no wonder that 43% of the children are forced into child labor. Average income in Ethiopia is less than $1.75/week, but poverty is more than ‘how much money one has’., Why educational support? In suri area kids never had school generally k-grade therefore Many Suri families do not understand the value of sending their children to school. Before but today they understand the Value of Education in order to send their kid to school & it’s lack of suri kids sponsors then help this kids. Why Livelihoods Promotion via Income Generation Activities (IGA)? Economic strengthening is pivotal for the sustainability of impact of all Suri Kids First interventions at the household level. For children and families to thrive, households need a source of income which will translate into being able to access more and better services such as education, and food for their children. So in this project the families of the children will refer to appropriate vocational training opportunities as well as a range of economic strengthening activities. Therefore I hope few of you learn few about the suri kids when they need support from you, I Recommend to help suri kids by teaching them to be part of the world please donating suri kids $5 is very thanks full as we are the children of God let us support this suri kids I try start this project but it is lack of funds to start Good hope I address my voice to the world wide in order to support suri kids in omo valley Ethiopia suri,kids they are willing to get school but it is the matters of lack of kids sponsorship at the moment we are yet had no website but we are make link with facbook Barkaman geleway as suri kids face book link Our address southwestern Ethiopia OMO Valley Don’t forget suri kids need help from you, from the world Bank info; CBE 1, Full Name: Barkaman Geleway oletula 2, Address: Mizan teferi Ethiopia 3, via mobile: +251961913090 4, Account No: 1000139938988 Thank for your Helping suri kids


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