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EVENT DATE: Jul 15, 2017


First, I want to thank you for visiting the donation page for the Aleppo Angels Project. It is undoubtedly a great cause and, for me - a Syrian-American- it hits home. On this page you will find a few pictures and videos that have moved and inspired me to create this project. The first time I was truly moved by the ongoing Syrian Refugee Crisis was when I saw the picture posted above... the adorable, innocent little boy covered in blood and dirt, with a heart-wrenching distraught look on his face. When I saw this picture what I really saw were my Brother's eyes, and in that exact moment, I knew that I could no longer continue to sit around thousands of miles away and do nothing. I was compelled to act. While it took months to hone in on exactly what I could do to help, I decided to create the Aleppo Angels Project and have partnered with the International Rescue Committee (, a non-profit organization whose mission is to Rescue Lives Worldwide.

The Aleppo Angels Project is a fundraising effort to raise the monies necessary to rescue at least 5 Syrian Refugee Families from Aleppo and the surrounding area. We aim to partner with both individuals and corporate sponsors throughout the US to raise the needed funding. If even one person is committed to aiding the Syrian Refugee Crisis, then this page has more than done its job. If you find yourself moved, touched, or inspired to help save the lives of innocent people caught in a truly horrifying circumstance, then please donate and/or share this page with others in your life.


Dan Asbaty, Creator - The Aleppo Angels Project

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