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Support building Ernide school

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About us

African School Development Services (ASDS) is a not-for-profit operating agency whose exclusive purpose is to provide development and fundraising counsel to central African primary and secondary schools. We describe ourselves as an Agency, that uses its resources to conduct research or provide a direct service to schools.

Project’s Objectives:

1. To raise $766,000 for the construction of Ernide school buildings that will give  less fortunate students a chance to better themselves with an affordable good education.
2.To construct the school buildings with the aim of achieving profitable, prompt and faultless delivery.
 2. To improve the quality of education in the kanyosha area, where the income deprivation is affecting young teenagers whose parents cannot afford to pay both school and bus fees in order to continue education somewhere else.
3. To expand the school in order to acquire own suitable and large premises to facilitate a lot of access to disadvantaged teenagers’ education.
4. To show how the contribution of citizens of the world  can make a difference in the development of Kanyosha.
 5. To raise the economic development and social progress of the area as new school will provide evening  alphabetization  or education services and activities for illiterate adults within the targeted area.

Project’s Scope

  • 1. Construction of classrooms, administrative block, and toilets
  • 2. Building of a good working rapport with construction consultants and key members of supply chain and ensures there is good open dialogue throughout the project.
  • 3. Monitoring of progress against programmed activities and takes action where necessary
  • 4. Production of information required schedule linked to the construction program.
  • 5. Working closely with the project quantity surveyor (QS) to produce procurement schedules linked to the construction program.
  • 6.Ensuring that the site team is working in accordance with the latest information, maintaining the drawing register and all other relevant records .
  • 7. Ensuring prompt delivery of O & M manuals in accordance with the contract.
  • 8. Reviewing of all aspects of the project with the site team every month
  • 9. Planning of resources and allocates to the project as appropriate.
  • 10. Works closely with the construction company to ensure project financial targets are met
  • 11. Records and reports all areas of delay or disruption to the progress of the works and promotes resolution of issues.    

Project's Justification

The Gisio area of kanyosha is the most disadvantaged area  of Bujumbura where most deprived families reside. It  is one of the 3 poorest area in Bujumbura. It has one of the lowest per capita GDPs of any suburb in Bujumbura  and a low gross domestic product largely due to warfare, corruption, poor access to education and the effects of HIV/AIDS.
The construction of  Ernide school buildings in this area, will bring  sustainable livelihood development to disadvantaged communities and will boost  the capacity of  self-sufficiency and growth for the school which is actually in rented rudimentary buildings since its inception in 2011. Ernide school has just purchased a land in the Gisio area of Kanyosha on which with your support, it is going to have own school buildings.

Organization’s Main Objectives

  • 1. To materialize education for young, especially the young of 10 to 18 year old, to  help develop talents to be used in the service of society.
  • 2. To facilitate the improvement of educational practice for the public benefit
  • 3. To prepare every student in our schools to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world
  • 4.  To strengthen capacity building of the development of local communities especially  the Muslim community.

Country of the project
Burundi’s capital is Bujumbura.
Total Population % of young: 62.91 %
Major economic activities: Agriculture, and  fishing
population: 10,557,259     
Bujumbura population :800,000
suburb of the project: Gisio Kanyosha
suburb population: 99,738
Number of similar projects in that suburb: 0

Project’s Components and Estimated Cost:

1.Foundation work          $    168,000
2. Elevation and roof       $    320,000
3. Covering                    $    114,000
4.  Frames                    $    105,000
5. Plumbing and toilet    $    52,000
6. Electricity                 $    25,000
7. Paint                        $    17,000
8. Colors and mat cleaning site  $    5000
Total:                          $    781,000



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