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Today, we live in an age where our very desire to be alive is leveraged against us for the profit of industry. We have seen our financial security, health, data, education, communications, mobility and more privatized. Energy companies that monopolize our neighborhoods are offensively slow in their willingness to abandon fossil fuels for sustainable alternatives. Around the globe, peace is undermined by militarism, colonialism, and imperialism. The American People woefully lack control of the police that enforce and protect the corporate rule on our communities. We live in a nation stolen from its native people, built on the backs of slaves and immigrants, and yet we, as a nation, treat these communities with subhuman standards. Furthermore, for too long, patriarchal standards have promoted rape culture, abused women, and silenced LGBTQIA+. As well, in the past decades, industrial neglect has poisoned the ground, air, and water we depend on and unbalanced nature in catastrophic proportions. THIS MUST STOP. To learn more, go to The funds I'm asking for will support The Peoples Congress of Resistance and pay for participants registration in the upcoming convention 9/16-9/17 in Washington DC. I support single payer healthcare for all, free education, basic nutrition, basic shelter, basic income, reparations for African Americans and First Nations people, environmental sustainability, decentralized authority, decentralized finance, and social equality regardless of sexual identity, race, religion, nation of origin, or immigrant status. I am adamant about the defense of democracy and dismantling the plutocracy that is destroying our country. Getting people like me to this Congress increases the volume of these values in the national conversation on how we should move forward in response to the current regime. Your support is an affirmation of these values. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to participate in this historic event and your support gives me the strength to continue my work against Trump and maintain my momentum as a community organizer in Madison, WI. Thank you! May all that is bless you. Gabriel C.



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