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Suicide Prevention App

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September 11, 2016



The Suicide Prevention App (SPA)

Why SPA?

SPA is the standardized way to screen and respond to suicidal ideation. SPA was developed from a compilation of evidence based best-practice models currently utilized in crisis intervention and mental health settings around the world. SPA provides you with the baseline ability to appropriately screen for suicide and respond accordingly to the level of risk identified. The quantified results are produced as general guidelines to appropriately assist you while helping another individual experiencing a mental health crisis, the results of SPA do not qualify as a clinical diagnosis, and it does not validate an involuntary psychiatric hold. SPA is not designed to augment mental health services, but rather to be used as a tool to build community support and capacity to reduce suicide by giving you the skills to help and connect to the infrastructure already in place.


SPA is the worlds first-ever publicly distributed suicide screening tool with risk identifying results and response planning. Additionally, SPA does not require any previous or ongoing training to be able to adequately assess and respond to suicidal ideation. No other application available provides users with a guided process, risk identifying algorithm and response plan similar to SPA. SPA is a revolutionary application that empowers a community of support, and it redesigns the way society addresses suicide by giving any individual the tools needed to be effective in the effort to reduce suicide.

The way ahead

SPA is being designed to become a marketable program that other entities can adopt and adapt upon to support individualized data collection efforts to generate more real-time data. The data will be utilized to better influence prevention, intervention and postvention efforts. With the ability to track geolocated data, SPA will soon become a driving force to help influence innovations across the mental health field. SPA's two-year goal is to establish an open-source platform with fully accessable real-time data.



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