Strive: How You Lead Matters

Strive: How You Lead Matters
Strive: How You Lead Matters
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Tax ID: 04-3839260
BASED: Washington, DC, United States


How You Lead Matters

At Strive, we’re dedicated to spreading the power of character-driven leadership.

We work with students, coaches, and organizations — building conscious cultures and developing leaders at every level of a program. 

Our curriculum begins with self-knowledge, moves into culture creation, and ultimately instills the habit of rigorous leadership practice in our program participants. 

Through a robust scholarship program, we lead the way in developing character leaders in underserved communities. 

Strive is based in Wilmington, Delaware, and serves schools and communities across the U.S.

Tax ID: 04-3839260 •

Tax ID: 04-3839260 •

When you Strive with us you support ...

in Scholarships

It’s how we spread opportunity to underserved communities.


Where student-athletes from all walks of life become character leaders on and off the field.

Our Work with Tyler’s Camp

Where some of the highest-need youth in Wilmington, Delaware, grow their potential and explore all that they can be.


2019 Annual Giving Campaign Image 2019 Annual Giving Campaign Amount Raised: $29,700

59% Raised of$50,000 Goal

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2018 Annual Giving Campaign Image 2018 Annual Giving Campaign Amount Raised: $68,950

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21% Raised of$18,000 Goal