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Stripes to Bars

Helping veterans get a start in aviation

http://www.stripestobars.org Tax ID 81-2482327


Mission: Stripes to Bars is a 501(c)(3) public charity that enables qualified veterans to earn Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificates. In doing so, we assist those Veterans transition from military to civilian life, while increasing the pilot population.

Direction: Servicemembers frequently describe feeling lost during the transition from military to civilian life. Aviation can provide the necessary challenge and structure during this frequently difficult time.

Career: Previous generations heavily relied on retired and separated Veterans to fill professional pilot positions. Stripes to Bars aims to help Veterans make this transition by providing financial scholarships and mentorship.

Population: The media is full of stories highlighting the US and worldwide pilot shortage that is a result of increasing air travel and the retirement of large numbers of professional pilots. Stripes to Bars is committed to enabling our Veterans to fill this gap in both the private and professional pilot population.