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Stretch For Strays Inc

We Stretch Every Dollar to Save Our Stray Dog & Cats!!!!

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Stretch For Strays is a small, grass roots, volunteer based rescue.  The Board President has been operating adoption events every Sat/Sun at two Petco stores for 11 years; 7 for the City of Houston BARC and 2 for Friends of BARC; another non profit rescue.  The group has tenure and dedication.  Another Board Member runs the cat program, and has been at both the adoption events with the President for the same 9 years and established cat condos on site at several Pet Stores for over 5 years.  We show up and do adoptions approximately 49 weeks out of each year.  We focus on finding permanent homes for rescued Dogs and Cats in Houston, Texas.  We both pull from several area shelter including BARC, Harris County, Caps, and SPCA.  We work significantly with the public who approach us to turn in animals that they find or cannot keep.  We work with them to both educate and to help place the animals in their care.  With the public involved, we find we can obtain information and provide better placements with much higher success rates in permanent adoptions.  Many times we let the finder or original owner help make the decision on who adopts the Pets.  We enjoy working with the public when they tell us no one else would help, and rejoice with them when we send them pictures of the new adoptions and new families.  Many times, the foster families come to the interviews to help answer questions, which we find is the BEST method.  We strive hard to keep as many animals out of the shelters as possible and we save animals dumped at vet clinics from euthanasia prematurely. We stretch our time, we stretch our funds, and we enjoy the stretch to the winners circle when we find first place forever homes!!