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An important factor for the development of a nation and its culture is education, which requires an investment of financial and human resources. In Quito, however, there are many families whose income is below the poverty line. Those families cannot afford such resources – and thus, cannot afford education for their children. In fact, parents are depriving their children from personal development as they force their children to work in order to compensate for the inequality gap that plagues their homes. As a result, many generations have faced consistent social problems due to high illiteracy rates. More importantly, Ecuadorian children cannot properly experience their childhood, as they have to put aside their aspirations to study and play. Thus, instead of stimulating their children to go to school and teaching them the importance of studying, parents force their children to work. The children who attend the UBECI project accompany their parents early in the mornings to the markets. In fact, most start their workdays at 05:00 am. The environment in which they work is not suitable for their normal development, but unfortunately it is the reality in which they live. The factors surrounding their environment are: abuse, aggression, poverty, no education, no medical care, sexism, deprivation of legal rights, social discrimination and other factors which affect the normal development of a human being. As a result, we work in the street markets of Quito, Ecuador. The majority of the children who work in these markets have a very hard and difficult life, and they need help as their families have limited economic resourced. As a result, these children are forced to work in order to support their families. They do not have their parents’ support to go to school and they do not receive sufficient medical care. Many children drop out of school, whereby they are restrained from improving their future and those of their family members. In addition, they don’t have time to be child because of the obligations they have to fulfill, and they suffer from abuse and a lack of affection from their parents. This project gives attention to those children and adolescents who are at risk economically due to premature labor. We aim to achieve the restauration of the rights of our children, such as the right to go to school, to right to health care and the right to identity. We do so by giving educational workshops to their families in order to stress the importance of education and to promote the reduction of their children’s working hours. We point out that we give income support to those children who attend school and help to develop their competencies and skills in order to offer them a better quality of life. In 2014 we were able to help 318 children through this campaign. 67% of the children managed to enter school because of the attention we gave them during our project ‘juego, hago y aprendo’. Please help us to continue to pursue our dream to provide an alternative life for these children and adolescents.



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