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Stowe Land Trust

Conservation of land is preservation of our community.

www.stowelandtrust.org Tax ID 03-0307155


Stowe Land Trust (SLT) is a local, 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of scenic, recreational and productive farm and forest lands for the benefit of the greater Stowe community. SLT is board-directed by a diverse group of local individuals who believe in strategic land conservation as it benefits the community and beyond.  SLT's professional staff works out of an office in the Stowe Village on Main Street right across from the Community Church. Our dedicated staff is always available to discuss our mission, ongoing projects, and provide directions to Wiessner Woods.

Since 1987, SLT has diligently protected the views, the wildlife, the farms and forests, and the ample outdoor recreation opportunities that define Stowe. In conjunction with our extensive network of volunteers, partners, and landowners, SLT relies on donors, large and small, to provide the funds that allow the staff to employ their expertise and resources to achieve the ambitious conservation goals to protect and provide the Stowe community with that which they value.