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Vermont Mountain Bike Advocate Inc (Stowe Trails Partnership-Stowe Moun)

To partner with the community in building and maintaining a world class trail network

www.stowetrails.org Tax ID 32-0370439


The Stowe Trails Partnership envisions a far-reaching interconnected network of trails that provides diverse recreational opportunities ranging in scope from lunch hour hot laps with your co-workers to all-day epic journeys.  Stowe’s trails are links within the community; they create avenues by which residents and visitors can experience Stowe in an immersive natural way, and they encourage an active, healthy appreciation for the outdoors among Stowe’s youth. We envision a Stowe connected by trails, with plentiful access and information points and a diverse array of terrain and ability options.  Thanks to the forward-thinking hard work of many individuals over the past decade and a half, we’re poised to continue making that vision a reality.