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Smashing Stereotypes, One Hit at a Time

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The High Fives' Storm, a wheelchair rugby team based in Northern California and Nevada, is group of individuals with great attitudes who have used the sport to get through some trying times in their lives.  The team, the United States Wheelchair Rugby Association (USWRA) and wheelchair rugby in general, provide opportunity, structure and support for people with disabilities.  There are countless stories of people getting involved with the sport who have found the competitive outlet they hadn’t felt since before their disability. Almost without exception, the positive influence of this challenging sport transfers into players’ everyday lives.

“Smashing Stereotypes One Hit at a Time!" is the main message of our players and our sport.  Wheelchair rugby is a tough, give-no-quarter game.  Our players’—their successes and trials on and off the court—are a continuous example of smashing stereotypes.

In the 2019/2020 season the High Fives' Storm were ranked 8th in the Nation and were scheduled to competed for a championship in the USWRA National Tournament. The team is raising funds for the 2021/2022 season to cover expenses for gym rental, tournament fees, equipment aquisition, maintenance & repair as well as the costs associated with traveling to tournaments.

We have a goal to raise $50,000 to support our players ability to compete in regular season tournaments, Regional Championships & the 2022 USWRA National Championships.

We appreciate whatever support you can provide.

For more information about our team and our sport please visit our website: www.stormquadrugby.com