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St. John's United Church is using money donated here to help our community.

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Campbellford Helping Campbellford

We at St. John's United Church would like to commit to carrying on a Christmas Assistance Program, and the ability to help as the need arises all year long.    Money collected  through this Fundraiser goes into our Benevolent Fund, and is expressly used to help those in need.   We need your help.  Every amount helps, and will allow us to offer assistance all year round, but the largest call for assistance is always during the  Christmas Holidays.   We need your help!

There will be no Christmas Kettles in town this year to ask for help.  This site, is St. John's "kettle" all year long.  Please share it far and wide to help us.    We are calling on residents of Campbellford (and further) to donate as they can, so that we can help our neighbours in need. 

All donations are tax-receiptable.   

Thank you & God Bless.