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Integrated Behavioral Technologies, Inc. (IBT) is a non-profit organization that aims to provide equal access to evidence-based services and education to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other behavioral and developmental disabilities with a special focus on children in low-income and rural areas. Access to services in rural areas can be extremely limited, with treatment centers being up to 5 hours away. Without IBT’s willingness to travel, many families would not be able to access evidence-based intervention for their children.

In southeast Kansas (SEK), IBT has become a growing presence, providing services in as many areas as possible and working to build a strong foundation in the area. It is estimated that IBT has invested nearly $300,000 over almost four years to create and maintain resources in the SEK area with just two families. These services have been expanded in the last ten months to include eight families, with many more that still need and want services.

In 2015, IBT will launch their latest fundraising campaign, “Step Up South East Kansas”, targeted towards increasing services the SEK area. There is a growing need for increased resources and treatment services for children living in this rural and expansive area. The focus of this campaign is to raise enough funds to open The Lighthouse of Southeast Kansas, an IBT center located in SEK that will deliver a variety of evidence based services to an underserved area of Kansas. The Lighthouse of Southeast Kansas will provide a variety of services, including applied behavior analysis (ABA; a treatment that can range from 25-40 hours of direct intervention per week), consultative and clinic services, parent support and training, provider training and recruitment and coordination of services for children with autism and other behavioral and developmental disabilities.

With the help of the community and other partners across Kansas, IBT hopes to bring as much evidence based service to SEK as possible. The funds from the “Step Up South East Kansas” campaign will help make IBT’s dream of increasing services a reality. Not only will it create a central location for treatment and service coordination, but it will also provide much needed therapies to children and families with very limited access and resources.

*IBT’s ability to create and sustain a resource in the SEK area depends on support and donations from the surrounding community, as well as from other partners across Kansas. If at any time The Lighthouse of Southeast Kansas project cannot be completed or sustained, the funds that have been raised will be retained by IBT and reallocated to providing treatment to children with autism in the SEK area through various other avenues, such as treatment scholarships or provider recruitment and training.