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Steel Magnolia Moms

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WHO ARE STEEL MAGNOLIA MOMS: Mothers who have children with Special Needs. “Special Needs” includes vast diagnoses and prognoses, but our joys and sorrows, hopes and fears make us the same. 

OUR MISSION: Steel Magnolia Moms is a special place for special moms to positively support one another and share in the joys and challenges of raising a child with special needs.

OUR WHY: Having a child with special needs is an atypical parenting experience, and often causes feelings of loss, loneliness, sadness, anger, stress, and isolation. 85% of members say they have lost their sense of self since having a child with special needs.

HOW WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Steel Magnolia Moms brings moms together to have fun and to remind them how important it is for them to take a break, breathe and focus on what makes them happy and healthy. We also provide online support for resource sharing and comradery.

HOW FUNDS ARE USED: Steel Magnolia Moms uses funds to host enriching workshops, educational seminars and empowering events. Members either participate in or receive a “Mission Based Element” at each event to promote their well-being.

OUR HISTORY: Founded in 2016, Steel Magnolia Moms has grown to over 500 members, with local chapters in Houston, Austin and Washington D.C. Membership growth has been 100% organic through personal referrals, indicating the need for Steel Magnolia Moms. We are ready to grow and help more moms!


“I don't feel alone. My son looks ‘typical’ from the outside, but he has gone through multiple surgeries and there are more to come. Connecting with other moms who ‘get it’ has been emotionally important on this journey I'm on.”

“What I like most about Steel Mags is the uplifting, social aspect of it. Mostly, it gives me a healthy perspective knowing I am not alone. I also appreciate that it is just for me, not necessarily my child (although he benefits from a happier me!)”

“A safe and regular, ongoing place to connect. Also, it is about MOMS. We have lost ourselves. We need to find ourselves, not always talk about our kids.”

“I feel a connection to others who share similar adventures, parenting issues and a bond of compassion.”

“What I like most about this group is the feeling that I am not alone, and that there are wonderful women out there that are navigating their way through this special journey just like I am.”

“Having a respite from my sense of isolation as the mother of two children with autism, even if for a moment on Facebook with other mothers in a similar situation, is a Godsend.”