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Ste Agathe Historical Society

Ste-Agathe Historical Society located in St. Agatha, Maine.

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Have you ever noticed the one-room schoolhouse in St. Agatha, located on Rte. 162 near the Maurice Guerrette farm?  Since the school closed in 1947, it has been used as a storage shed.

Due to a generous donation by the Guerrette Family, on whose land the school stood, the Ste-Agathe Historical Society has been able to obtain this precious artifact.  The little schoolhouse made the 3.5 -mile trip to its new surroundings at the Ste-Agathe Historical Museum site on August 31, 2020.  The land on which the school now sits was donated to the Historical Society by Doug and Tammie Lerman.  We are fortunate to have such generous benefactors.

The Ste-Agathe Historical Society has taken on the task of restoring the historic landmark.  Some of the work has already been done.  Just stabilizing the school to get it ready for the move was a big undertaking and could not have happened without our volunteer moving committee.  Even with volunteer hours, the restoration has already cost about $25,000.00.

Now that the school has arrived, the real work will begin.  The schoolhouse will be fitted with a new roof and new doors and windows.  Then, interior reconstruction will begin, including laying a new floor.  Volunteers have offered to help make the repairs, but money is needed to buy the materials for the work, which is estimated at approximately $75,000.00.

Once the building is restored, it will be open to the public, as well as possibly offering the space to the local school to be used as a learning tool to show what school was like for the students’ grandparents and great- grandparents.

We need your help!  Can we count on you to help us preserve this important part of our past?  Your tax-deductible donation can be made through this Go Fund Me page, or by mailing it to:

The Ste-Agathe Historical Society, PO Box 237, St. Agatha, ME  04772

Any amount would be greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!