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Staten Island Rotary Foundation of the Rotary Club of Stat Isl NY Inc

Service Above Self

https://www.statenislandrotary.org/ Tax ID 13-6134882


About the Staten Island Rotary Foundation

The Foundation promotes the ideals of Rotary through gifts and devises or bequests of money or property that may be made to the Rotary Club of Staten Island or the Foundation for educational, charitable or other philanthropic purposes. Its mission has evolved to enhance the quality of life in the community it serves by contributing time, talent and funding to worthy “causes” (individuals, families, initiatives and organizations) that promote education, health care, science, civic responsibility and the arts. Since its beginning, the Foundation has distributed over $2,000,000 in scholarships, aid and grants to over 300 different “causes” helping thousands of individuals. Most distributions ranged in amount from approximately $500 to $5,000 each.

A volunteer Board of Trustees acts as the sole managers of the Foundation. Nine Trustees administer the Foundation. These Trustees, all of whom are experienced professionals serve without compensation. Further, the Foundation has no staff but uses outside professionals to help with tax and investment matters. Ninety-nine percent of every dollar raised is distributed to help Our Community.

The Foundation, through special fund raising events, has also helped in disasters outside of Staten Island such as the Tsunami in Asia and Hurricane Katrina in 2005-2006. The Staten Island Community, feeling the hardship and need of the disaster victims, wanted to help these victims and the Foundation became the devise that helped make it possible.

The Foundation can be reached as follows:

Mail – Staten Island Rotary Foundation

P.O. Box 140717

Staten Island, NY 10314-0717

Phone –      718-490-2934

e-mail – SIRFoundation@verizon.net