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The Starts with Arts Foundation was founded in March of 2012 by David Varela & Alex Tamayo in the City of El Centro, California. Having both been born and raised in the Imperial Valley and artists in their own respect, they knew just how important it was to preserve the art & music culture of their hometown. The Starts with Arts Foundation is dedicated to bringing awareness of the educational advantages of having art/music programs as part of the everyday class curriculum. The foundation’s purpose is to help provide students with art supplies and teachers with the materials they need to teach art and creative problem solving in their classes. Through art workshops, seminars, and a creative center where students are open to explore their creativity, we are confident that the lessons learned through creative expression in music and art will improve the students ability to apply what they learn in class into their college education, careers and community. Communities across California have seen an esculating reduction in federal and state funding. El Centro, California, a Latino border community, has seen a continuous wave of high foreclosures, high unemployment rates and now a decline in its educational system; unfortunately, arts education continues to be the first on the cutting block. There's been a need for special programs to fill the void left behind by these cuts. The Starts with Arts Education Program provides struggling students, parents and educators with the resources to improve their education through the arts. The program will not only offer the community support through basic art supplies but provide workshops and seminars to expose and promote local cultural music, design, theatre and language arts. This program is vital for the growth of education in the community and will continue to support its local students to exercise their creativity in and out of the classroom.

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