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Start Right Now Inc

Starting Right, Now (SRN) ends homelessness for youth through one-on-one mentoring, providing a stable home, obtaining employment, teaching financial literacy/life skills and promoting educational achievement.

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SRN is ending the cycle of generational poverty. We focus on homeless unaccompanied youths, an invisible epidemic. These students inherit profound inequalities and face a limited future that, without intervention, remains inescapable. Unaccompanied youths consistently report family dysfunction and economic insufficiency as the primary reasons they no longer live at home. Unaccompanied youths endure living without safe, stable housing, basic needs (including food and healthcare), support from a caring adult, access to bathing and laundry facilities, and transportation. SRN works to amend the bleak social determinants faced by unaccompanied youth. SRN catches our students at a critical moment to prevent academic defeat, criminal behavior, and premature death.

SRN students live in a housing facility, furnishing food, sanitation, safety, and rest. SRN students access medical and mental health care, dental care, food stamps, and transportation. With SRN’s academic and scholarship support, every student graduates high school and proceeds to their self-determined post-secondary education goal (vocational training, college, or military). SRN helps our students open a bank account, budget, and save. Students attend our after-school classes, which instill essential life skills, foster novel experiences, and alleviate past traumas. Students encounter dedicated mentors and a reliable, loving support system. As long as they continue to meet the requirements, SRN students remain in the program indefinitely, through post-secondary education and into young adulthood.

The successes of SRN’s first cohort attest to the effectiveness of our programs: Dominique graduated from American University Law School and is working for a judge in D.C.; Emily graduated from Florida State University and began medical school; Jacob graduated from St. Leo University and entered the army as an officer; Michael graduated welding school at Hillsborough Community College and is employed with benefits; Amanda graduated from University of South Florida (USF) and teaches 6th grade; Samantha graduated from USF with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy, then earned her M.A. in Global Sustainability; and Shannon graduated from USF, then became a Registered Nurse at Nova Southeastern University. These previously at-risk homeless students, now young adults, are no longer victim to circumstance; instead, they have developed clear plans for their futures and have mastered skills enabling them to be self-sufficient citizens. SRN is revolutionizing the way we as a public rectify poverty.