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Start Day One, Inc.

A proactive approach for suicide prevention

https://startdayone.org Tax ID 83-1799381


Our mission is to inspire people to change their perspective from dreaming of one day and starting day one.

We believe that true suicide prevention requires a more proactive approach by interacting and inspiring people before they begin complaining, abusing drugs or alcohol, or being suicidal.

Most places only invite public motivational speakers or counselors to their venue AFTER someone has already committed suicide. This doesn't make any sense. We should be doing this BEFORE suicidal tendencies occur.

We want to raise funds so that we can begin visiting local schools in New Jersey to help change the children's perspective and maintain a healthier mindset. We will be sending motivational speakers and plan on capturing and producing motivational content to spread awareness about our approach to suicide prevention.

With your help, schools won't have a financial excuse to accept public speakers and we will be able to reach out to students before they begin to have any suicidal tendencies.