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Star Spangled Banner Flag House Association Incorporated

Birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner and National Historic Landmark in Baltimore, Maryland.

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The Star-Spangled Banner Flag House and Museum preserves the history of the making of the Star-Spangled Banner Flag, promotes the legacy of craftswoman Mary Young Pickersgill, and inspires personal connections to Baltimore and American history through place-based learning and the interpretation of the diverse lives of individuals who lived in the historic house since 1793.

The historic Star-Spangled Banner Flag House opened to the public in November 1928, was designated National Historic Landmark in 1970, and achieved American Alliance of Museums accreditation in 2019. Each year, the Museum welcomes more than 14,000 visitors who make connections to American history through the interpretation of the crafting of the Star-Spangled Banner Flag as they tour the home of flagmaker Mary Young Pickersgill.