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The Stardust-Startup Factory

We're a non-profit organization providing financial support for entrepreneurs and startups all over the world.

https://starduststartupfactory.org/ Tax ID 47-5320711


The Stardust-Startup Factory provides financial support forthe innovative work of emerging entrepreneurs and early-stage startups making positive social and environmental impact inthe areas of sustainability, health, and learning.

The projects and startups we fund twice a year are carefully selected after review by subject matter specialists and approval by our Advisory Board. They quickly launch for local, tangible solutions, and become catalysts for a more forward-looking, accessible, and conscious world. Funding comes in the form of individual or team grants of $2,000 (USD) forselected projects.

Financial support from Stardust is not intended to fund extensive, multi-year endeavors. It is intended to give you just the right amount to get you started on a project that will get you on your way to realizing a long-awaited goal, whether that means funding an airplane ticket for important travel, a patent application and business fees, buying important supplies, or enough rent to cover two months rent for your new office.

We know that as an entrepreneur just getting started these small things can add up and cost you time that you could be spending improving your project! We believe that creative, active energy is vital, and we want to make sure yours is prioritized, so we offer a little extra support.