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Anna’s Place NOLA is a place of peace where children realize their potential and families and the community are nurtured so that poverty and violence no longer make their home among us.

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Our Mission’s goals are: 

to improve promote healthy lifestyles, health literacy, identify health issues early, and improve access to quality healthcare through health screenings, education and referrals/resources;  

to help youth improve their academic performance, self-confidence, sense of empowerment, critical thinking skills, and language development through an arts-integrated curriculum;  

to provide initial exposure to the arts and lessons to open avenues to other cultures through the arts, and to allow for cognitive skill development through visits to the NOMA, instrument lessons by LPO musicians, art classes, and Choir classes;

 • to teach youth to respect nature and develop an understanding of man’s role in protecting the environment through community gardening, hands-on field experience with Loyola’s Environmental Science Department

 • to teach the importance of giving back through service; to develop children’s character development, confidence, and respect for self and other through community art installations, performances and more; 

to help youth see a future in which they succeed by teaching entrepreneurial skills and kid-run market places

to explore the interconnectedness of our own culture, tracing its roots around the world and to establish, understand and appreciate cultural differences through Dialectal differences and code switching classes, instruction and activity in their neighborhood’s history, architecture, cuisine, music, and dance 

to provide short-term food assistance to families in financial need