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St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

The believers of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church will reach as many people as possible in Central Florida introducing them to eternal life in Jesus Christ. Together, we commit to worship, connect, care, and grow as Disciples, to serve in revealing the Kingdom of God.

www.st.lukes.org Tax ID 59-2135880


St. Luke’s exists to awaken disciples to reveal the Kingdom, and reveal the Kingdom to awaken disciples.

St. Luke’s Core Values: At St. Luke’s center is the love of Jesus Christ.

St. Luke’s values Christ-Centered:

Acceptance: We recognize that Christ’s love has no boundaries.

Hospitality: We welcome all to share Christ’s love through help, hope, and healing. 

Community: We claim a sacred place where Christ’s love unites all to support and care for others while nurturing a personal relationship with God.

Discipleship: We believe we are called to be living representatives of Jesus Christ and bring others to know God’s mercy, justice, grace, and love.

Service: We respond to Christ’s love and God’s call, by sharing our time, talents, tithes, spiritual gifts, and resources.