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Sri Lankan Buddhist Association Inc at Austin

Austin Buddhist Vihara Proposes New Site for Residential Temple and Meditation Center

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This is a multiphase project - the current proposal (Phase 1) is focused on purchasing a new property for the expansion of the temple.

The Austin Buddhist Vihara, located in Pflugerville, TX, is a well respected Theravada Buddhist temple in North America. Devotees come from all parts of central Texas to worship at the Austin Buddhist Vihara. During major events, the temple attracts close to 250 visitors. The current temple is located in a 1780 sq ft residential property with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on a small lot of 0.3 acres. The garage has been converted to daana shala (dining area) and being used for dhamma school during weekends. The current location provides a maximum of 8 parking spaces, including immediate street parking.

Although the temple has many engaging and popular events, the current needs of the community have long since outgrown the building and the location. This major limitation is due to the location being a residential community of small houses on small lots. As such, the majority of visitors have to park on an already very busy street further away from the temple. Due to the lack of facilities, visiting Bhikkus during special events such as Katina (ceremony following the end of rainy season retreat)  have to be accommodated at nearby hotels. Further growth of the temples’ devotee base is limited as there is not enough space to facilitate the people who wish to attend. During events, many people have to stand outside the main building  as it often cannot hold the number of people who wish to attend and engage in dhamma sermons, meditation programs etc. One of the future goals of the Austin Buddhist Vihara is to offer  meditation programs for people of all faiths. It has been quite challenging to conduct meditation programs at the current location due to its limited indoor and outdoor spaces. Because the temple is situated in an already busy neighborhood, further expansion at the current location is impossible.

As the community has outgrown the resources available to us at the current temple, we seek the support of devotees and supporters near and far to help purchase a new site for the Austin Buddhist Vihara. This new site should contain enough space for parking, a dining and kitchen area, a meditation hall, a residential building for the Bikkus, and all the other needs that come with a larger population in a popular temple.

We have identified  several properties between Pflugerville, Georgetown, Leander and surrounding areas, as potential relocation sites. Given the fast moving housing market in the area, we need to have the down payment at hand  to secure a property. A property with at least 5 acres of land will cost ~$600 to $700K and will require a minimum down payment of 100K. Our first priority is raising seed money for the down payment to get our project underway and to finalize the purchase before the Vesak celebration in May 2020. It is with this in mind, that we come to you with this personal appeal to contribute whatever you can to this noble cause. All donations are tax-deductible.

Projected Timeline

Spring 2020 : Phase 1 Fundraising and purchase of new property
Summer 2020 - Fall 2020 :
Phase 2 Making new property move-in ready for the Bhikkus
Spring 2021-Summer 2021 :
Phase 3 Relocation of Pflugerville Temple