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Srgdrr Aka Save Rocky The Great Dane Rescue And Rehab

SRGDRR is the largest Great Dane Rescue and Rehab in the USA and nationwide. We have rescued over 1600 Great Danes since inception and vow to save one until there are none.

www.saverockythegreatdane.org Tax ID 47-0980038


To rescue Great Danes from neglect, abuse, and abandonment. To provide medical care and individual rehabilitation through our experienced and loving foster home program. To provide each rescued Dane with a qualified, caring new home that will ensure a quality of life each Dane has deserved from the day it was born. We have been rescuing Great Danes nationwide since 2013 and we take pride in the collective love, concern and dedication for the misunderstood and forgotten Danes here. It is our mission to continue to be the voices of the less fortunate Danes, and to provide them safety, protection and their birthright of a quality of life with love and dignity. To fund raise for Great Dane rescue efforts. To assist needy owners that cannot afford spaying, neutering, or heartworm treatment as funds allow. Also by educating them on affordable local spay neuter clinics local to them. To educate the public with information on topics such as spay/neuter benefits, vaccinations, backyard breeding, behavior, obedience and nutrition. To sponsor walks and events to raise awareness of rescue needs and the plight of SRGDRR Great Danes. To be a link point to other rescues and clubs nationwide.