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BENEFITING: Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal



EVENT DATE: Dec 31, 2012

Stoney Sasser


Angie Jones wrote -

Education is one of the most powerful ways to address social change. Due to gender discrimination and poverty, girls in Nepal are often deprived of a full education - leaving some 57% of the women in the country illiterate. This holiday season, win a free stay in Maui and help me make a big impact by saving the world - one girl at a time!

Update 12/3/12: Congratulations everyone! We've secured a year's worth of education for Phulmaya Tamang! Since we've got 28 days left for the fundraiser, I figured we have time to help another girl, so I picked Kopila (who shares my birthday!), and have adjusted our fundraising goal so that it now reflects two girls' education sponsorships!

Help me sponsor a year's worth of education for Niki Ranjit!

About Niki:
Niki Ranjit is in 4th Grade and currently attends Minerva Motherland Boarding School in Nepal.

Niki lives in Kathmandu with her parents. Her father is a bus driver and her mother sells fruit from a stall on the side of the road. They both make very little money and cannot afford basic care for Niki, let alone educational costs for her school. Niki has been identified as in need of Priority Sponsorship status through the community-based and locally developed NGO, Volunteers Initiative Nepal.

So how can I help?

There are 3 easy ways you can get involved and help me make a big impact this holiday season. 
Doing any one of the following will give you the chance to win a free week’s stay at a sweet Maui vacation cottage!

OPTION 1: Donate to Kopila’s Sponsorship Fund

Niki needs $230 to cover the costs of all the fees, books, uniforms and medical supplies she will need for a another full year of education. That’s equivalent to about what it costs us to buy one latte a week for a year!

It will only take 23 of us at $10 a piece (Crowdrise’s minimum) to cover her costs for her and insure that she stays in school. Hit the orange ‘DONATE’ button on the right to lend a hand!

You can also donate old school style by sending a check to:

Friends of VIN

190 Haiku Rd.

Haiku, HI 96708


OPTION 2: Join Niki’s Team (No Money Necessary!)

Got no money but still wanna help? Excellent! Help me by spreading the word and letting people know about Kopila's need. Join my team (button at the bottom of the page) and share the good vibe by sending a few shout-outs through your network. All team member's are automatically entered to win that Maui cottage! (See details below)

OPTION 3: Pick a different girl in Niki’s area and start a fundraising team for her!

Here’s the list of priority sponsorship girls in Niki’s area that also need help to continue their education. As of 12/3 our amazing fundraising teams have sponsored 8 girls, with 15 left to go - that's over a 1/3 the way toward our goal! How cool would it be if we could fund the whole group before the end of the year?!

Click the black ‘FUNDRAISE FOR THIS EVENT’ button on the right, sign in and select ‘CREATE YOUR OWN TEAM’. Pick one of the girls from the list and you’re off! Get ahold of me if you need help or have questions. :)

Why should I help Niki, when there are so many other girls in need?


It’s absolutely true that there are kids everywhere who could benefit from education sponsorship - some in our own backyards. So why pick girls in Nepal?  Because our impact can be so great! Nepal is one of the poorest nations in the world - some 82% of rural Nepalese people live on less that $2 U.S. dollars a day.

Girls in particular, in Nepal are often deprived of a full education, due to gender discrimination. As a result, 57% of the women in Nepal are illiterate. Funding opportunities for girls and women in the country can be one of the most powerful ways to address the drastic social and economic inequalities facing this developing country.

Education is one of the most powerful ways to empower future generations with the ability to thrive. I believe Hillary Clinton said it best in her remarks for the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing, China in 1995:

“What we are learning around the world is that if women are healthy and educated, their families will flourish. If women are free from violence, their families will flourish. If women have a chance to work and earn as full and equal partners in society, their families will flourish. And when families flourish, communities and nations do as well.”

~Hillary Rodham Clinton


Help me save the world, one girl at a time!

Contest Details:

You can win a FREE week’s stay in a vacation rental in Haiku, Maui! We have 3 categories, with a free Maui week awarded to the winner of each. Contest ends Dec. 31st, 2012!

Contest #1: For the person who raises the most funds for this event

Contest #2: For the person who recruits the most people to participate, either by getting them to donate, join or create a team

Contest #3: ‘Wild Card’ Drawing - Each person that joins our event automatically gets an entry to win! Drawing will be held January 2nd, 2013.

See official rules & contest details.

Learn more about women & girls in Nepal, Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal and international volunteering opportunities!



Save the World, One Girl at a Time SUCCESS!

We've raised the $230 needed to give Phulmaya Tamang another year in school - thanks to you!

About Phulmaya:

Phulmaya is a 13 year old girl who lives near the village of Jitpur, in rural Nepal. She is currently in the 6th grade, attending Nagarjun Secondary School. Her father works other people's lands and makes very little money.  It is very difficult for him to pay for their household needs and still cover the cost of Phulmaya's education. Without help, she may have to drop out of school or miss classes. The odds are good that she would remain stuck in the cycle of poverty, with little or no opportunity to hold a job.    

Phulmaya is a bright young woman who likes to read and wants to study more. She has been identified as in need of Priority Sponsorship status through the community-based and locally developed NGO, Volunteers Initiative Nepal.  

Thanks for your help! Here's three cheers to empowering the women of the world!




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