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EVENT DATE: Jan 28, 2017

Join us at IMAXShift for a fun way to raise funds for a great cause: LGBTQ Liberation! IMAXShift is way more than just a spin studio. From the larger-than-life screen to the unmatched audio this class will take you from the front of your saddle to the edge of reality. From beginners to serious athletes, the challenge is yours to set and yours to surpass. Not only is this a great new experience to try, but all the funds raised are going to the Global Partnership for Emerging Leaders (GPEL).


At GPEL, we believe that when brought together, small groups of emerging LGBTQ leaders can accelerate the pace of change in their home communities and help end violence and discrimination against LGBTQ people worldwide. The Global Partnership for Emerging Leaders brings together emerging leaders in the human rights LGBTQ community for an annual fellowship that enhances the leadership skills of our fellows and fosters community among them.


As we are witnessing a global shift rightward that threatens the gains and continued progress the worldwide LGBTQ community has made, supporting these fellows is more important than ever. Every dollar you raise will go towards supporting this work and protecting the hard fought progress of the LGBTQ human rights community.

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