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There’s a small cluster of islands off the northeast coast of Newfoundland called Little Bay Islands. The residents are being relocated to the mainland and all services to the island will be shut down at the end of 2019. There is a large group of abandoned cats that need to be relocated and time is ticking. Spay Day HRM Society and Sonya’s Healing Animal SCARS have partnered with Sunshine Kitty Rescue and Deer Lake Rescue  to help trap, transport and re-home as many cats as we can. This is a significant rescue mission as we need to rent vehicles, drive across two provinces, travel on two ferries, trap cats and return to Halifax with as many cats as we can capture. Once the cats are here we need to provide food and housing, veterinary care & spay/ neuter. We will sort friendly cats from feral (wild) ones and find them good homes. We will find barns where we can resettle the feral cats as working rodent control officers. The Nova Scotia SPCA has offered help and support and is fully endorsing the efforts of this mission.