GoFundMe Charity FEATURED : Jun 22, 2013
Tax ID: 45-2275630
BASED: New York, NY, United States

$73,166 Money Raised

Strengthening Villages

Spark enables villages to design and launch local impact projects through our unique village-strengthening approach, which combines capacity building with a microgrant.

<p> Since July 2010 Spark has partnered with 70 communities in two countries, impacting over 20,000 lives. Our impact is two fold; first, the microgrant enables the launch of a community-led project like a latrine or a food storage unit, and second, the process increases each community’s leadership, organizational and problem-solving skills. We have seen 97% of community-driven projects launched through our process sustain and 56% of communities grow their initial project or launch a second project after the Spark process – sometimes even a third or a fourth.</p>

Tax ID: 45-2275630


Supporting Spark's Community of Practice Image Supporting Spark's Community… Amount Raised: $1,312

3% Raised of$50,000 Goal

Become a Community Champion Image Become a Community Champion Amount Raised: $8,775

Spark MicroGrants Image Spark MicroGrants Amount Raised: $10,780

22% Raised of$50,000 Goal