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Southend Arts

COVID19 Shuts Down Opportunity for Charlotte Artists

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SouthEnd ARTS at the Trolley was on track to have a stellar first  and second quarter,  2020. 

Unfortunately COVID19 roared  into  town and unexpectedly stopped us in our tracks.  Receiving donations today allows us to immediately pay our furloughed artists,  pay our Davidson  intern and  redesign  our  website

While South End gets more culturally homogenous by the year, one organization in the neighborhood is fighting for equity, diversity and social consciousness in the arts community that’s historically found a home there. Founded by K. Liles, SouthEnd ARTS is a nonprofit whose mission is “creating equity art exhibition space, building cultural bridges, empowering artists and their communities in South End.”

Each month, in the Charlotte Trolley building on Camden Road, the organization holds a two-night juried art exhibition featuring underrepresented artists. A speaker is paired with these exhibits to create the Social Justice Speaker Series, which works with artists to help them professionalize their portfolios to prepare for a world that expects corporate-style presentations for funding consideration  And  invites  the community to engage in a conversation around the theme of the exhibit.