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South County Secondary School Theatre Boosters Inc

Support South County Theatre's Spring Musical - Chicago High School Edition!! Get Ready to See All that Jazz!!

http://southcountydrama.org/ Tax ID 27-0232640


The purpose of the South County Theatre Boosters (the Boosters) is to promote the advancement of the drama department of South County Theatre by providing support to the student-actors and crew, and by creating opportunities for our students to participate in as many enriching, educational and insirational theatrical experiences as possible.  The Boosters will accomplish this mission by:

  1. Providing educational experiences in all aspects of theatre by attending professional productions;
  2. Enabling participation in theatre conferences and competitions;
  3. Providing hands-on experiences in producing quality presentations for our school and community;
  4. Joining with other schools and local theatres for mutual assistance and enrichment;
  5. Creating opportunities for students to develop talents, self confidence and self esteem through  cooperation, colloboration and respect for the art and each other;
  6. Provide supplementary financial support for the various Drama activities in the South County Drama program;
  7. Aid the South County Theatre School staff in organizing and staging special events and projects; and
  8. Aid and support the South County School staff in the areas of Drama promotion, publicity, and program development.