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SOS Children's Villages Canada

A loving home for every child

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SOS Children's  Villages Canada believes that a caring, stable family enviornment is vital to a child's development and overall well- being.

Around the world,  SOS Children's Villages provides orhaned and abandonned children in need with a caring, loving, and secure family environment where all their needs from food, health, shelter, and education are met.

We work directly with communities, and public authorities in order to keep children and families together, and to address the root causes of child seperation. 

Using a holistic child-centred approach, we provide direct-care, education and health services to children who have lost, or are at risk of losing, parental care.

In times of humanitarian crises, we protect children and support families to prevent the loss of care.

SOS Children's Villages is an international non-govermental and non- denominational organisation.  Through our work in 136 countries and territories we strive for the full realization of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Alternative Care Guidelines.


Each year,  SOS reaches over 2 million girls, boys and women and men in 136 countries and territoris through the following programs:

FAMILY STRENGTHENING & PROTECTION: To keep children and families together, we support parents through economic empowerment, and physicall and mental health services. We provide skills training and sensitization on topics like child rights, gender equality, health and nutrition, active fatherhood and positive discipline.

As advocates for de-institutionalization,  SOS Children's Villages also works with goverments to strengthen and deliver a range of alternative family-based care services, in accordance with the UN Alternative Care Guidelines.

EDUCATION: We work with families, communities, and governments to ensure marginalized children and youth, especially adolescent girls, can access quality education. We provide educational opportunities from early childhood to post-secondary education

ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT:   We provide skills and entrepreneurship training to marginalized women and youth, and work in collaboration with the private sector to help them access decent work.

HEALTH: We provide quality access ti quality health services for the most vulnerable through direct service delivery, health promotion, and capacity building. SOS woks to intergrate portection services in public and community heallth interventions.

HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE: During emergencies, we reposond rapidly to the critical needs of childrn and their families with protection, health, nutrtition, education and livelihoods assistance. SOS protects unaccompanied and seperatedd children and support family reunification. 



Children and parentd supported annually through Family Strengtheninng services.


Children and youth enrolled in school from kindergatedn to post-secondary annually.


Medical Services delivered annually


Emergency services delivered annually