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Our rehabilitator needs a health make over! Her doctor has ordered that she stop working at her heart's passion; restoring songbirds to a life of freedom. For over 25 years she has sacrificed most of her living space for the housing, care, and supplies for these birds. Her health has deteriorated due to the constant exposure to feather, feed and fecal dust in her living quarters. No matter how arduous the efforts to keep the area clean, The dust exposure has created HYPERSENITIVITY PNEUMONITIS That is feather dust, molds and fecal dust in the blood along with breathing problems. Two years ago she was on 5 liters of oxygen, nebulizer medications, and lots of bed rest. Slowly she has improved, but her body has healed as much as it can without eliminating her exposure to the contaminates. The medical doctors have determined that treatment is futile as long as the birds are housed in the living area. The only solution is to erect a suitable, properly ventilated, equipped, independent building to continue this important restoration of nature; only with your help can we do this. We cannot conceive a future where we turn away people and dash the hopes of children. We must reverse the doctors’ insistence that we stop helping all who depend on us. This marks the 10th year of service for our bird rescuing non-profit organization, Songbirds of Northern Indiana, Inc. For the entire 10 years, our rehabilitator has sacrificed most of her living space for the housing, care and supplies for these birds. Due to our many successes at restoring wild birds (over 70% are returned to the wild), our work has grown and we handle over 200 birds each year. We do not want this to end.

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