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Solid Ideas Foundation

www.solidideasfoundation.org Tax ID 83-3743575


Solid Ideas is an additive manufacturing company (3D Printing). Our  mission is to improve lives with cost effective, high quality, solid  solutions. The goal is to work on prostheses in order to help  those who have lost limbs and need help with living a normal life. Our  company's goals also include simple 3D printing services to complex  designs customized for each individual.

There are about 2 million people in the US  alone that have suffered limb loss and 185, 000 amputations are  performed each year. I had no idea that the numbers were so high, but it  motivated me even further to help those people feel “normal” again.

Your  donation will go towards setting up the foundation for a nonprofit  company that will make a real difference to veterans and those who have  lost limbs. We hope to create a future where people no longer have to be  hindered by physical loss and can live a normal life. In fact, we  envision a world where people actually WANT to have a prosthetic. So  please support Solid Ideas if you want to see real change in this world!

Check out our website for more info: solidideasfoundation.org