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Soldier’s Best Friend provides U.S. military veterans living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with Service or Therapeutic Companion Dogs, most of which are rescued from local shelters. The veteran and dog train together to build a trusting relationship that saves two lives at once and inspires countless others.

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"I've spent 22 years making my military career my life. 

I had no idea how difficult civilian life was going to be.  Now, Koda is my battle buddy. He seems to know when I need him, and he even keeps me happy, laughing and calm. He's even able to find Mom [Terry's wife] when I need her, or be supportive when I need a brace."

- Terry & Koda, 2019 Graduates

"Thank you for giving us back my husband, their dad and grandpa, our hero."

- Debbie, Terry's wife

About the training program

After the veteran or active military member is accepted into our program, they begin training with one of our professional service dog trainers. They are provided a rescue dog or train with their own dog, if that dog meets our criteria. Veterans and their dogs commit to approximately 9 months of training before graduation as a service dog team. The team attends classes twice per week, and the dog lives with their veteran during this period.

Training is provided at NO cost to the veteran.

How your contribution touches two lives at once

- 97% of our graduates report having a service dog improved their overall quality of life

- 91% who experienced suicidal thoughts prior to training said having a service dog reduced their suicidal thoughts

- 72% said having a service dog reduced their need for medications

- 80% reported improvment in their relationships with their family and others

(Based on a  2018  survery of Soldier's Best Friend graduates)

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