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Society Of American Indian Government Employees

American Indian, Native American, Alaska Native, Government Employee, Tribal, Youth, Veteran, Training, Tribal Law, Federal Indian Law and Trust Responsibility, Federal, State, Non-profit, NCEPS, All Volunteer

www.saige.org Tax ID 74-3068342


To promote the recruitment, hiring, retention, development, and advancement of American Indians and Alaska Natives in the federal,  tribal, and other government workforce. To ensure equitable and fair treatment of American Indians and Alaska Natives in government departments and agencies by working to eliminate elements of racism in accordance with federal laws, regulations, Executive Orders, and internal policies. To assist governing entities in identifying issues and coordinating projects that affect American Indian and Alaska Native government employees. To foster communication between American Indian or Alaska Native government employees and/or their employee associations, and management within the various government departments and agencies. To assist SAIGE members in establishing SAIGE Chapters. To be a resource for information on the Federal trust relationship and responsibilities of the federal government and its departments and agencies relevant to American Indian and Alaska Native people. To coordinate and develop training on American Indian and Alaska Native Issues and their relation to the federal government.