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American Delegation of Sacred Military Constantinian ORD St Geo (Naples Two Sicilies Incorporated)

An Ancient Order Serving Modern Needs

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The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George was traditionally founded in 1190, and its purpose is the Glorification of the Holy Cross, the Propagation of the Faith and the Defense of the Roman Apostolic Church.

Adapting to the present, today the Statutes of the Constantinian Order propose that the major contribution of its action and activity be in two areas of socially eminent great works, those of Hospitaller Assistance and Charity.  The Order is recognized by the United Nations, the Holy See, the Italian Republic, and the US Government.

The Royal Order of Francis I was founded by King Francis I of the Two Sicilies, in 1829 as the first non-sectarian Royal Knighthood to recognize merit and accomplishment in the areas of science, art, industry, agriculture and commerce.

Today, the order is awarded for services to charity and inter-religious understanding and encourages dialogue among people of different faiths and cultures.

The present Grand Master of the Orders is His Royal Highness Prince Carlo of Bourbon – Two Sicilies, Duke of Castro, Head of the Royal House.

Since it was established in 1990, the US Delegation has continued to be active in support of charitable works both in the United States and elsewhere, continuing its centuries old chivalric tradition of caring for the spiritual and social needs of our neighbors.