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EVENT DATE: Mar 14, 2015

SMILE Mass is entering several teams to participate in the 26th Annual Kostick Kup Race.  Each team consists of five skiers racing in a downhill competition, where each team is lead by an adapted racer. For all of our teams Nicholas Diomede will be the adapted skier and Captain.


Meet the teams -

Team 1 - Coach Cheryl, Dani, Kate, Annabelle and alternate, Lotte. 

Team 2 - Kevin, Molly, Evelyn, Neve and alternate Kim.


All of these racers have been part of the Nashoba Valley Ski Team for years.  So when this opportunity came about, it was an easy choice to not only do something they love and are good at,  but to be able to give back at the same time.  These fierce young skiers will be racing for their honor,  while raising money for SMILE Mass.  


Every Racer has their reason for racing, and for this race SMILE Mass and Nicholas is ours. We are 5 individuals that realize there is strength in numbers. We are coming together as skiers of all different capabilities, ages, and sizes.  Conquering the downhill race at Loon Mountain on March 14th, while raising money for some amazing kids right here in Massachusetts. 


We are all very lucky to have great families, friends, and co-workers that are supporting us through this journey and are now asking for your help as well. We have the luxury of hitting the roads or trails when the going gets tough, to alleviate that "bad day" by pounding our feet on the pavement, or hitting the slopes when we have the chance. Through the aching legs, burning lungs, racing minds-but in the end you feel better! For some of these kids and their parents, there is no outlet! There is the everyday struggle to perform the simplest tasks. The struggle to keep going when quitting isn’t even an option. So for this we race and ask you to donate to a great cause SMILE Mass. 


SMILE Mass will use all the money raised from this event, to continue to provide vacation and recreation experiences for kids or adults with disabilities. Our plans for 2015 include purchasing a Cape Cod vacation rental and transforming it to be fully handicapped accessible, placing floating beach wheelchairs on public beaches in metro west & the Boston area. Please help SMILE Mass make vacation and recreation experiences possible for all, despite disability!


When one family member has a disability it affects the whole family! 


SMILE Mass is a 501c3. All Donations are fully tax deductible