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Leveraging the power of mobile technology and citizen science to improve lives by strengthening our understanding and management of water

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SmartPhones4Water (S4W) exists to leverage the power of Smartphones to enrich lives in the developing world by improving our understanding and management of water resources.

Water touches nearly every facet of our lives.  We rely daily on a clean and reliable supply of water for drinking and cooking.  We use water to grow the food we depend on.  We create energy with the water that falls high in our watersheds.  Too much water can negatively impact our lives by flooding; not enough water can lead to droughts and famines.

In most developing countries, fundamental information about the amount, location, and quality of water is lacking.  Moreover, this makes it is impossible to know how all these are changing over time and space due to natural or human activities.  The lack of information about water resources has several undesirable outcomes.  We aim to develop the information necessary for wise stewardship of water resources, while at the same time making a difference in peoples lives.

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