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In Response to COVID-19 and Winter 2020, we are partnering with community organizations, fellowships and churches to provide WINTER MICRO-SHELTER housing to individuals experiencing homelessness. We are raising funds to increase the size of our micro-shelters. This is our answer to the COVID-Response mandate to "Shelter in Place" during the Winter Climate.

http://SmalltimoreHomes.org Tax ID 82-4780136


We are an affordable housing nonprofit that builds micro-shelters and tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness. We build 8x8 micro-shelters weekly with volunteers, each shelter takes 300 human hours to complete. There are 4,000 people who are documented as experiencing homelessness every night in Baltimore. Under the Jones Expressway, there is a tent community with 65 tents, please help us to create a home for these individuals.