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Small Manufacturers Institute

SMI is a non-profit, manufacturing-driven institute that recognizes the needs and opportunities to service small manufacturers and school programs. Through local collaboration and regional networks, we create industry models that grow profit, engage local leadership, revive manufacturing educational programs, build skilled workers, and increase economic growth to communities.

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Mission - To continuously define  California's small manufacturers' present and future needs in a globally  competitive environment, and leverage, coordinate and disseminate  resources and services through established providers.

Vision - SMI will increase profitability and productivity for California's small manufacturing community.

History - The Small Manufacturers' Institute (SMI) is a manufacturing-driven  institute that promotes California state-wide, regional, and grassroots  participation in identifying small manufacturers' specific needs,  coordinating existing resources and services and disseminating those  programs through established providers and associations. It was  originally established by the Small Manufacturers' Association (SMA) of  California, the California State University Institute, and the two  federal Department of Energy laboratories in California, Sandi and  Lawrence Livermore. Over the last 20 years, SMA is the last of the  partners to continue the mission of SMI. SMI is a California 501-c3  charitable corporation, incorporated in 1994, and is not a membership  association.